We met Jimi’s ex-wife Ava briefly several strips back. At that time, we learned that a) she hosts a television show called Celebrities Wow!, and b) neither Jimi nor his young daughter Tillie like her very much.

In this cycle we find out why.

Reacting on the hare-brained advice of her accountant or her lawyer, Ava decides to get custody of Tillie. It doesn’t matter that she’s completely unqualified to parent a young child (or an old child, or an adult). Following the mantra “consolidate your assets”, she’s off and running.

And, oh yeah, Ava’s got a particular mental condition that makes her especially unsuited for motherhood. But that’s right here in the first strip.

In this cycle of strips, we also learn our setting for what I believe is the first time. Given that I myself live in Southern California, it wasn’t much of a stretch.