As I write this (many weeks before you’ll read it), America has taken a rightward swing. More of a grinding lurch, really. Like when a train stops suddenly and all the passengers are thrown forward bodily (and not in a good way).

Hopefully, by the time this post sees daylight, some of the kinks will’ve been smoothed. Though I may not play for the same team as our new president, it’d be counterproductive for me to wish failure upon him. (Are you listening, Rush?)

Anyway, what does that have to do with this new series of comics. Only this: At some point, I need to stop using Sassy O’Shaughnessy as a prop. There’s more to this girl than being a proxy for a point about sexual politics. We’ll see her as a person soon, I promise.

Side note: The more observant amongst you will notice our focal-point family now has a last name. (Only six months in!) It’s “Keebler”. Paul, Connie, Ronnie, Donnie, and Jimi Keebler. Why Keebler? Cookies. Baked by elves. In a tree.

Now try and graft any unpleasantness onto my little brood. I dare you.